First Pitch Gone Wrong

Colton Cardinal, Student writer

Anaheim Angels coach Don Baylor was injured during the honorary first pitch during the home opener verse the Seattle Mariners.

Coach Baylor was the catcher during the freak accident. The coach was dressed in his uniform with only a glove to catch the pitch from former outfielder Vladimir Guerrero.

Guerrero’s pitch was low and away. Baylor reached across his body to backhand it. As he did, his right leg gave out.

He was on his way to UC Irvine Medical Center for tests before the season’s first pitch. He will undergo surgery Tuesday.

The Angels went on to lose the game to the Mariners with the Angels appearing to be shaken up from the lose of Baylor.

Details of the injury are still unannounced, but many supporters have reached out to coach Baylor in hope for a speedy recovery.