5 Reasons You Should Watch the B’s Habs series.

Chris Arnaudo, Writer, Filmmaker, Jack of all trades.

The Boston Bruins are set to play the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL Eastern Conference semi- finals.

Here are just a few reasons why you should watch this blood bath of a best-of-seven game series.

1. It’s Bruins Habs, Red Sox Yankees, Tiger Mickelson, best put, its one of the biggest rivalries in sports.  These teams hate each other but more importantly they love to see each other lose than win themselves. The Bruins got the better of Montreal in the last playoff series in 2011, winning in overtime, in game 7. Boston went on to win the Cup that year.

2. It’s the best hockey to watch. There’s nothing better than watch two original six teams battle it out in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the best playoffs there is. These two teams depend heavily on defense and goal-tending which makes them low scoring games but a lot of hitting and a lot of intense, on the edge of your seat, hockey.

3.  Montreal and Boston (the cities) hate each other.
During hockey season that is. In 2011, Zdeno Chara had a hit on Max Pacioretty in a regular season game and a citizen of Montreal actually called 911 and the police had an investigation about it. When these two teams have a playoff series the tension runs high.  My father, a huge Bruins fan, and his secretary, a huge Canadiens fan, do not even talk when the two teams meet in a playoff series because they simply don’t get along.

4. You get to root against P.K. Subban. Besides the fact that he can score pretty much at will and is one of the best offensive defenseman in the league, he is the most hated hockey player in Boston. He one of the least respected players around the league for his embellishment or what some would call diving. The Bruins faithful will be sure to let him hear it whenever he touches the puck this series.

5. Because it’s the Stanley Cup. It’s the best playoffs there is. You should be watching every game. Every guy on the ice has had a dream to win the Stanley Cup since they were 3 years old, some even earlier. This gives every player just that much more of a drive to want to go win. Every game is so intense and is literally never over until the final whistle.