Panthers Baseball Fights for Playoff Spot

Panthers Baseball Fights for Playoff Spot

Chaffee stealing second base

Julia Cowell, Writer

After last Thursday’s loss against Taunton High School, the Panthers have dropped to 6-8, an unusual record in comparison to past seasons. 

In the second inning the Panthers jumped ahead getting the first run, and RBI by Junior Ben Chaffee. However, the Tigers countered this with three runs in the bottom of second.

Taunton continued to produce, pulling ahead to win 9-1.

With only 6 games left, the Panthers must fight to make it to the playoffs. In order to do so they must win 4 out of 6 of their remaining games.

Their schedule can be found  here.

Ben Chaffee adds his thoughts on this years playoffs.

“I think we have a strong team this year, and if we keep working at it I am confident that we will be able to make the playoffs” says Chaffee

Fan Jesse D’Entremont adds his thoughts on the team

“The team has potential, I can definitely see them making in the playoffs and making a comeback.”

There have been ups and downs throughout this season. For example, their loss to Taunton, 9-1, shows inconsistencies as earlier in the season the Panthers won 16-9.

But, they were able to pull a win over rival King Philip High School, which is a major accomplishment.

The dedication and hard work of the team will determine the outcome of these final 6 games.