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Meet the Patriots Draft Picks

The Patriots surprised many this year, taking a QB in the second round, possibly signaling the end of Tom Brady‘s career. Here are each of the Patriots pick from this year’s draft.

Round 1, 29th pick: Dominique Easley, DL, Florida

The Patriots took a risk with their first round pick, choosing Easley, who tore both of his ACLs in college.  He missed almost all of last season after tearing  his ACL and meniscus during practice in September. Easley, most likely, would have been been picked much earlier if he did not have significant injury history.

When I heard about Easley’s injuries, the selection made no sense to me. I wouldn’t take on that risk at all, let alone in the first round. However, the Patriots front office and coaching staff seem confident, so we will have to see how he plays out in the 2014-15 season.

Round 2, 30th pick: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinios

Tom Brady is reaching the end of his historic career, so the Pats took a QB, who will hopefully transition well into the offense in the next few years. Garoppolo threw for over 5000 yards last season, with 53 touchdowns to go along with that. Those numbers are impressive, but Eastern Illinois plays in the Ohio Valley Conference, which is way out of the top 5 Football conferences in the NCAA

I still think Garoppolo will be a good replacement for Brady, when that time comes. Based off of his stats, he is a fantastic passer, who will fit well with the pass first, Patriots offense.

Round 3, 29th pick: traded to Jaguars

The Patriots trade down at some point in the draft every year and this year it just happened to be in the 3rd round.

Round 4, 5th pick: Bryan Stork, C, Florida State

The Pats took an offensive lineman with the pick they got from the Jags in the deal I mentioned above. They needed an upgrade to their aging, interior offensive line, and Stork was near the top of the Patriots list. Stork brings size (6’4, 315 lbs) which the Pats currently lack at the center position.

This pick makes perfect sense this year. With Brady becoming less and less mobile, the offensive line is going to need to play well in order for the offense to be as productive as it has been for the last decade. As of right now. Stork seems like a necessary upgrade to the line. I’m not usually a fan of trading down, but it definitely worked out in this situation.

Round 4, 30th pick: James White, RB, Wisconsin

A solid player, White will enter 2014 as the 3rd or 4th back, and most likely serve as a special teams player this upcoming season. White ran for over 1400 yards last season, in a tough Big 10 conference, so he is capable of producing big numbers in the running game.

With the current backs all set to enter free agency in 2015, White will most likely serve as successor to 1 or 2 of those players, if the Pats do not resign them. This was a good pick for the Pats. A good investment for the future.

Round 4, 40th pick: Cameron Fleming, OT, Stanford

Fleming provides solid size (6’5, 323 lbs) on the outside of the offensive line. This being said, the Pats are pretty much set as far as tackles go, so Fleming will not see much work, unless someone gets injured.

According to ESPN, Fleming is a raw player at this point. He has the size to be successful, he just needs to obtain the skills to be an NFL tackle.

I don’t like this pick. Why get the raw product, when you could still get a more skilled player, with similar size, at this point in the draft. I’m not an NFL GM, but I would choose the best player available in the position you’re looking for, and I don’t think Fleming was that player.

Round 6, 3rd pick: Jon Halapio, OG, Florida

Halapio is the 3rd offensive lineman the Patriots took in this years draft. He has a longer injury list than I personally like to see, but he was still able to be fairly successful at the college level despite the health issues. He also has solid size, like the other two linemen the Pats drafted earlier.

This draft the Pars went a little overboard on the linemen. If they’re not going to make an immediate impact, or never be healthy, then why pick another one. I predict Halapio will not see the field unless there is a serious injury up front. Hopefully he can stay healthy enough to be ready.

Round 6: Zach Moore, DE,Concordia St. Paul

Moore  is tall (6’5) with long arms, so he will be able to block passes with ease on the defensive front. He is the first player ever to be drafted from division 2 Concordia, which is most likely the reason he was drafted so late. He was a 2 time all American in division, so he is definitely qualified to play in the NFL.

I like the risk the Patriots took here. The defense is constantly complained about by the media, and a potential pass rusher is a welcome addition to the team in my eyes. I think Moore will developed quickly and see some playing time this season.

6th round: Jemea Thomas, S, Georgia Tech

The Patriots secondary is constantly under scrutiny by l the New England media, so this pick seems like the right move. The only issue Thomas brings to the table is that he is undersized, and will have difficulty against taller, stronger receivers. He will have no issues against slot receivers however.

Any upgrade to the secondary is good to me. Most years the Pats’ defense is terrible against the pass, so I like that they addressed the issue, even late in the draft, at all.

7th round: Jeremy Gallon, WR, Michigan

Gallon is a strong receiver against zone coverage according to Boston Globe analysts. He set a single-game record in the Big 10 with 369 yards (14 catches) against Indiana, last October. He also led Michigan in receiving for the past 2 seasons.

Gallon clearly does have talent if he was able to lead a top program in receiving for 2 years. However, he doesn’t have great speed, and he was most likely chosen as a kick/punt returner, so he will need to prove that he can succeed at the NFL level early on in order for him to be a major part of the Patriots next season.

I’m neutral on this pick. I like that the Patriots are trying to add offensive weapons, but I think they should have taken a deep threat, not a short pass situation guy, like Gallon.

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