Will they Clench the Playoffs?

Will they Clench the Playoffs?

Junior Rookie of the Year Zane Byrne pitching last week.

Julia Cowell, Writer

The boys baseball team is one step closer to clenching the playoff spot.

They won their last 3 games to Mansfield, North, and King Philip, leaving only 1 game left to win.

This has raised their spirits as well as their drive and motivation to succeed.

Their game against Natick was scheduled for Thursday, but was rescheduled due to rain. This game will clench their playoff spot for the 2014 season.

Fan Kyle Filbert shares his thoughts.

“I am honestly shocked that they were able to pull it together and get to where they are now. I hope that they are able to clench their spot because they definitely deserve the chance”

Senior player Nick Gallo says

“I really think if we keep up the drive we have we will be able to not only get a spot but make it through the playoffs. Overall its been a tough season but we’ve definitely made it a great one”

The boys game is scheduled for Friday, May 23 against Natick in Natick.

If the Panthers keep playing as they have been these last few games, there is no doubt they will be able to get a decent spot in the playoffs.