2014 MLB Playoffs

Nick Burgos, Editor

October baseball is finally upon us. The AL and NL Wild Card games were great games to watch. In the NL Wild Card featured the Giants vs. the Pirates and the AL Wild Card featured the Athletics vs. the Royals. The NL saw a dominant pitching performance from Madison Bumgarner who threw a 4-hit shutout against the Pirates. While the AL had a comeback that seemed very unlikely, the Royals who are in the playoffs for the first time since the 80’s, came back from four runs down and walk off in the bottom of the 12th.

Now we are onto the the ALDS and NLDS, however as I’m writing this the Tigers have been swept by the Orioles, the Angels are likely sent home by the end of tonight, and the Nationals are down 0-2 to the Giants. Don’t count the Nats out though, they played an 18 inning game the other night and it was outrageous. Dominate pitching made hitters look silly while they set a record for the longest MLB Playoff game in history (6 hours 23 minutes).

For the Tigers? They’re probably my second most hated team, I can not stand them. I’m glad they were eliminated, their bullpen is trash so once their starting pitcher came out it is all downhill from there. We saw this in the 2013 ALCS against the Red Sox who rocked the Tigers relief pitchers.

The Angels? They are a bunch of Regular-Season heroes that do not show up in the postseason. It’s not even worth my time right now because they Royals are winning 7-2.

Speaking of Regular-Season heroes… Clayton Kershaw, the unanimous Cy Young winner for this year. 21-3 with a 1.77 ERA got shelled in the first game of the NLDS allowing 8 runs and accumulating an ERA of 10.80. His ERA in the postseason is an outrageous 5.20 while his regular season ERA is 2.48. He is just not a postseason pitcher and it will hurt the Dodgers if he cannot get to his regular season form.

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The 2014 MLB Playoffs will be exciting to watch and highly encourage all of you to follow it. My predictions? Orioles vs Dodgers with the Orioles coming out on top in 6 games.