“Field-less” Spring Athletes

Isabella Castro, Editor

Spring Sports are underway as athletes prepare for their seasons, but how will teams practice with no fields?

This conflict first arose last spring when construction for our new Franklin High School began. The demolition of fields and courts left teams without their familiar practice locations, thus beginning the frenzy for alterations.

Athletes have been hopeful for fields to be ready this Spring, but with the extreme weather conditions FHS will be lucky to occupy even the turf field.

Coach Sidwell expressed how fortunate the school is to have a turf field: “It’s so much easier to plow compared to other fields.”

According to Sidwell, plowing of the turf field is scheduled for the weekend of Mar. 14th and 15th to make it available as a practice location.

However, some tryouts and practices are scheduled to take place in the FHS gymnasium if the clearing of practice space causes conflicts. Times and locations for other teams are still being determined as coaches are collaborating with one another to make an effective schedule.

Varsity teams will have priority for space, but recreation teams will also have to be taken into consideration as they will be occupying the turf at night.

The eagerness for the fields and courts to return is evident among Franklin Athletes. Most of the anticipation stems from being able to return home games to FHS.

Julia Hogan, FHS sophomore and states, “Tennis wasn’t able to have any home matches all of last season; it was really annoying.”

Fortunately, a second turf field will be added to Franklin High as confirmed by Sidwell. This field will not be ready until later seasons, welcoming sports such as field hockey and lacrosse back to FHS.

Spring Athletes should be sure to listen to any further announcements regarding scheduling as changes may be made.