March Madness 2k15

Max Rosen, Writer

At the end of every National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball season, the NCAA selects the top 68 teams from division one colleges to compete to be the champion of college basketball. 

This tournament is popularly called March Madness by fans. Many people fill out a prediction bracket and play against their friends to see who will have made the best picks.

Everyone who has a bracket loves to talk about their picks and about how great their bracket is looking. When asked who he has winning, Michael Queenan replied with “Go Big Blue Nation!”, referring to the University of Kentucky, who has gone undefeated this season and is the favorite to win the tournament.

Many brackets’ perfection was destroyed on the first day of the tournament when two of the third ranking teams, Baylor and Iowa State, were eliminated by fourteen seeds.

Many people who are not in college do not follow college basketball throughout the year. As Riley Cannon put it, most people “watch it on and off during the regular season.” Though non-college students do not pay much attention to the sport during the regular season, everybody watches during March Madness.

The championship game is on April 6, 2015 and will feature the winner of the Wisconsin and Kentucky game versus the winner of the Michigan State and Duke game.