Athletic Fields Underway

Athletic Fields Underway

Isabella Castro, Editor

When will Franklin High School be complete? As FHS is entering its second year of construction, the athletic fields appear to be the final project.

It may not be evident, but construction for Franklin’s new athletic fields has begun. Now, construction crews are curbing and leveling the ground, as well as waiting for grass hydroseeding.

The excessive snowfall is the only setback. However, the construction plans are on time, leaving an estimated two years before the fields reach completion.

One of Franklin’s Vice Principals, Mr. Giguere says the fields will be a great addition to the FHS campus. He believes the new design and layout will be more efficient and beneficial.

“It’s amazing.” Giguere said. “Spectators will have the potential to watch multiple games at a time.”

The facilities will include cloverleaf style fields, outdoor restrooms, and an overall improved quality. In the plans, there are two baseball fields and two softball fields that will create the cloverleaf.

Additionally, athletes should expect to see a soccer field, tennis courts, and a general training field.

It is rumored by Athletic Director, Coach Sidwell, that FHS will be receiving a second turf field. He says: “Some of Franklin’s teams may be able to return to campus.”

Athletes with any questions or concerns should be directed to FHS Vice Principal, Mr. Schmidt, as he was part of the committee regarding field construction.