Hockey East Tournament Is Over, On To The Frozen Four

BU and UML get ready to take a face-off

BU and UML get ready to take a face-off

Matt Collins , Writer

With the Hockey East Tournament over, the Frozen Four moves its way into Beantown (Boston).

On March 21 2015, Boston University (BU) won the Hockey East Tournament against Umass Lowell (UML). The score of the game ended 5-3. BU will now be moving on to the Frozen Four led by their top star freshmen forward, Jack Eichel.

The final game of the Hockey East Tournament was between the two-time defending champions UML and the regular season champions BU. Throughout the season, BU was the favorite to win the Tournament and as many people thought, they did win.

With that win BU got a first seed in the Frozen Four tournament to see who is the best college hockey team in the country. UML was left out of the tournament with the loss to BU.

There were a lot of people that thought UML should be in the Frozen Four. Steve Hayes, neither a fan of UML or BU, but a fan of Umass Amherst, was at the final game of the Hockey East tournament and talked about UML being out of the Frozen Four.

“I think Lowell got snubbed a little bit, but I understand how that happens,” Hayes said. “If you don’t win your conference, you aren’t guaranteed a spot, so they knew they needed to win or be left out based on record, and they couldn’t do it.”

Kevin Knight, a fan of BU who was at the game as well said almost the complete opposite. Kevin didn’t care that UML was not in the Frozen Four because he believes that BU is the best college hockey team in the country.

Both of them were asked why they think that UML lost the game to BU.

Hayes  stated: “I think the loss of their starting goalie at the start of the season is really hurting them and it was apparent that that was their weakest link during the game.”

Kevin added: “They lost because we are better at playing hockey.”

BU moved forward to the Frozen Four where they beat Minnesota State and Yale to move to the Final Four of the Frozen Four Tournament.

When asked who he thought who would win the Frozen Four, Kevin said: “I think they will demolish the other teams in the Frozen Four,” referring to BU.

As Steve said: “I think North Dakota has the best chance of winning it all. It’s too bad for them and BU that they were both on one side of the bracket, because those are definitely the two best teams in the nation.” He added: “UNO and Providence have an outside shot at winning it all though.”

The Frozen Four tournament is now down to its final four: North Dakota, Providence, Omaha and the hometown team Boston University.