Notre Dame Football, Playoff Ready?

James Marsh III, Sports Reporter

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish this season have been putting on a tear in college football, but are they ready to take on the number 12 Clemson Tigers?

Bryan Kelly and the fighting Irish sit at number six in the AP polls after the big win against UMASS, 62- 27. Is this the year for the Irish? As we all know, there’s now a playoff for college football if you are in the top four in the AP polls at the end of the year and the Irish look like they have a shot at it.

With a record of 4-0 the Fighting Irish are traveling to South Carolina to take on number 12 Clemson in their biggest game of the year. Notre Dame has lost their starting running back, Tarean Folston and Starting Quarterback, Malik Zaire to a torn MCL and a broken ankle. Although Malik is out for the season, the backup QB stepped up and is playing like a starter. His name is DeShone Kizer and he is a Freshman at Notre Dame college.

He is still young, but Bryan Kelly believes that Kizer can take them to the college football playoff and have a shot at the title, as do all Notre Dame fans around the world.