Franklin JV Football: A Strong Start

Patrick Hanly , Sports Reporter

Today Andrew Kennefick, a fullback and linebacker was interviewed and was asked a few questions about Franklin High School’s Junior Varsity football team.  When he was asked how the team is doing he stated that they are doing well so far, but there are some things that they could improve on and are working to fix during practices.

During the first three games of their season, the team has managed to have a lot of success. They were able to win their first game 7-0 and there second game 36-6. They had a very close game against Taunton but with their starting quarterback Evan Wendell injured, it was very hard for them to score. It was a very hard fought 6-0 loss. Andrew said that the team’s next game will be played against North Attelborough and against King Philip the following week. He added that both teams are extremely talented and would be hard to beat, but if everyone did what was needed they would be able to come out on top.

Andrew said that him and the rest of his team could have a lot of success by the time the season ends. The team practices together five days a week and lifts twice a week as well. They also practice hitting and running drills together often. Andrew believes this has definitely paid off in the long run.

As the 2015 season continues, the Junior Varsity team will only improve more each day.