Freshman in School, Star on the Field

Elizabeth Leo, Writer

Halle Atkinson is a freshman here at FHS who got the privilege to join the Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team during this season.hal

Atkinson plays forward on the team and says that she has improved so much this season in all aspects of the game. But she did mention that her main focus points for this season and the next year are her first touch and composure in front of the net.

When talking about her team and who impressed her the most, she said:

“I don’t even think I can say one person who impresses me the most because each one of my teammates are amazing players and are great in different aspects of the game.”

Bonding with the team would be a key issue for a freshman since all the other teammates are upperclassmen but Atkinson explains:

“Every girl on the team has been so supportive of me and has made sure I felt welcome.”

To bond, Atkinson said that the team has been doing so many different things. Some of these are team hiking, movie nights, sleepovers, going out to lunch or dinner, and going to other team’s game.

And she stated: “Each of these activities have gotten me so much closer to everyone on the team.”

Overall Atkinson said, referring to playing with the older girls:

“It has been awesome. I love being able to be friends with all of the older girls. They were all so sweet and nice to me and have made me feel so welcome,” she said. “Everyone was also great in helping me feel comfortable and boosting my confidence. Playing with the upperclassmen all this time has made me realize how much I will miss all of the seniors next year.”

She stated that all of the memories and friends that she will come out of this experience with is by far the best part of being on this team and why she enjoys it so much.

Aside from soccer, Atkinson mentioned:

“I pretty much just take advantage of the free time to relax and catch up on school work,” when she was questioned on what she did in her free time.

What every teacher would probably like to know is when students on sports teams do their homework and study, so Atkinson touched upon this subject and said:

“Since we practice right after school, I can’t do any homework before, so I have to do all homework and studying after practice when I finally get home.”

If you want to go and support Halle Atkinson and the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team, the schedule is here so check it out!