Super Bright Forecast Ahead For FHS Senior

Super Bright Forecast Ahead For FHS Senior

Charlotte Gardner, Writer

Senior, Rose Morrissette, unanimously won the Franklin High School Superlative of “Most Likely To Brighten Your Day” for the class of 2016. The Senior class even trended voting for Rose to win by posting tweets through social media.

But what exactly makes this student shine so vividly? Well, just about everything Rose does.

In addition to playing volleyball and participating in Dance since she was little, Rose has many other attributes that bring out the good in people around her- such as her ability to say “Hi!” to anyone despite their status of friendship, or always asking someone if they are okay after a long day.

When asked about receiving the superlative Morrissette stated:

“I feel so flattered and shocked at the kindness from the rest of my school. I wasn’t expecting it and I am blown away and feel so grateful. It honestly means the world to me, it makes me happy every time I think about it.”

Many students at school have expressed their affection toward Morrissette, like student, Trista Youssef, who said:

“If I didn’t know Rose, I’d be a worse person.”

After winning the volleyball playoff with her team on Nov 5 against Wachusett (15-13), the joyous player has made a great addition to her Senior year.

As for her plans for the future, she hopes to pursue a career in Social Work, a perfectly fitting job for someone who can make anyone laugh at their most unfavored moments.

Whether it be through a unanimous superlative win, or praise for her ceaseless affection and kindness toward others, the students at FHS are very lucky to have Rose as a member of their graduating class.