Goalie, Captain, What’s Next? Katelyn Pokorny Does It All

Molly Tattrie, Writer

The Franklin High School (FHS) Girl’s Hockey Team is welcoming their goalie as a new Captain for the 2015-2016 season.

Katelyn Pokorny, Junior at FHS, has stepped up to the challenge and is ready to carry the team this year.  She says that it will be challenging playing both of these roles, but also rewarding.

Pokorny believes being a Captain will be difficult because it will be hard to coordinate everything and make sure everyone works as a team.  However, she says that it will be worth it because the team will have a great time together.

Many people have helped her with transitioning into her new role as a Captain, including parents, coaches, friends, and teammates.  

Pokorny expresses why she believes she was chosen to be Captain:

“I’m pretty organized and good with communication skills,” she said. Also, she tries to make all of her teammates feel included.

Being the Goalie adds to the chaos of the season for her.  She offered to try Goalie her Freshmen year, and has stuck with it since.  

The position of Goalie is hard, Pokorny says, because it is the last player behind the defense.  

She confesses her feelings about her position:

“You feel the most responsibility and pressure; it is very stressful, but fun.”

Her hopes of the season are for the team to work together well, have fun, and hopefully – win.

The intensity of the game and the team aspects definitely make the experience worth it, as she reveals that hockey is a hard sport, but very rewarding.