A Look Through the Years: David Ortiz

Kylee Hurley

David Ortiz is a household name in Boston, and as most people know, it will be his last season playing for the Red Sox. He has spent most of his career with widespread support of his fans around New England, and is most known by his nickname “Big Papi”.

Ortiz debuted for the Minnesota Twins in 1997, staying until his first season for the Red Sox in 2003.

He is the designated hitter for the Sox, as well as a first basemen. This year he will be making $16,000,000 as a free agent for the team.

Papi is known for crossing the plate after making a home run, and pointing an index finger to the sky. The significance for this, is to remember his mom, Angela Rosa Arias, who passed away in 2002.

Although originally from the Dominican Republic, Ortiz has been able to turn Boston into his home. He became a U.S citizen in 2008, after spending years in Boston while playing for the Sox.

Ortiz is married to his wife Tiffany, and is the father to their three children, Jessica, Alexandra, and D’ Angelo.

After the 2013 race for the mayor of Boston, Ortiz came in third place with over 500 write in votes.

In 2006 he set the record for the Red Sox single season home runs with 54 in that season. He is a three time World Champion, as well as a nine time all star.

Students at Franklin High are sad to see Big Papi retiring. Franklin High junior Katy Smith agrees.

“I do not think that there are many people in New England who do not know Big Papi’s name. This is because he was such a phenomenal player and also because of the impact he has made on the community,” said Smith.

In terms of giving back to the community, Ortiz was so moved after visiting children at the Children’s Hospital in Boston that he decided to create the David Ortiz Children’s Fund. It was created to donate to the children who are in need at any given time.

“Papi has been known as such a great player because he is a great person. That is where it all starts. Also look at his batting records! What he has done for the Sox is historic,” Smith later went on to say.

Although Papi may no longer be seen on the field anymore he most definitely will be remembered by the community of Boston.