Girls Tennis Loving Their New Home Court Advantage


John Leighton

The 2016 team hopes to improve on the success of the 2015 team pictured here.

Julia Hogan

Led by new coach, Byron Szymeczko, and senior captains Anna Humphreys and Halle Love, the Franklin High School girls tennis team is in the midst of what is hoped to be another successful season.

The girls went far last year, making it to the second round of playoffs.

“We made it to rounds in playoffs last year… we are really hoping to go even further this year,” says FHS junior and 3rd singles player Maddie Derby.

Despite the issue of problematic weather, which has affected the ability to practice outside, the team has made great use of the new FHS courts. The new courts were opened up to the girls and boys teams this year,after 3 years of being on the road since the old courts were knocked down.

“The courts are great and it’s really nice to finally have a home for the tennis team since we have been on the road for the past 3 years” says Derby.

“Since we lost a lot of great players last year, this year we are focusing on trying to rebuild the team and figure out a lineup that works and wins” she continued.

Besides the actual matches, it is easy to see the tennis season is much more than just winning and losing for the girls.

“It’s like a family,” said Derby. “I love how close the team is and how everyone always works together and supports each other.”

You can catch the girls at their next home game this Monday, May 2nd, against Milford at 3:30 pm.