Award & Playoff Predictions

Joe Clark

In part 8 of 8 of our MLB season preview, we make our award and playoff predictions for the coming season

Award Predictions:

AL MVP: Carlos Correa, SS, Astros (Projected line: .334/.402/.906, 34 HR, 96 RBI)

NL MVP: Bryce Harper, OF, Nationals (Projected line: .320/.464/1.154, 44 HR, 105 RBI)

AL Cy Young: Chris Archer, P, Rays (17-6, 2.87 ERA, 2.66 FIP, 263 SO)

NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw, P, Dodgers (20-5, 2.34 ERA, 2.30 FIP, 260 SO)

AL Rookie of the Year: Byung-Ho Park, 1B/DH, Twins (.273/.341/.862, 33 HR, 87 RBI)

NL Rookie of the Year: Corey Seager, SS, Dodgers (.304/.354/.764, 22 HR, 74 RBI)

AL Manager of the Year: AJ Hinch, Astros

NL Manager of the Year: Clint Hurdle, Pirates

Playoff Predictions:

AL Wild Card: Red Sox over Astros

NL Wild Card: Pirates over Nats

AL Divisional Series: Royals over Red Sox, Blue Jays over Rangers

NL Divisional Series: Cubs over Pirates, Mets over Nationals

AL Championship Series: Royals over Blue Jays

NL Championship Series: Cubs over Mets

World Series: Cubs over Royals

World Series MVP: Anthony Rizzo