Garoppolo, On a Winning Streak

Jami Pandiscio, Writer

Jimmy Garoppolo followed in the footsteps of Tom Brady in his first two games as starting quarterback on the New England Patriots.

Garoppolo led the Patriots in a 23 – 21 win for their first game of the season. He led them in a 31 – 24 win for their second game.

After the Patriot’s first game against the Arizona Cardinals, Bill Belichick gave Garoppolo the winning ball and told him it was a job well done. Vice Principal and former Franklin High School Soccer Coach, Mr. Williams, believes Garoppolo did not force too much.

In the second game against the Miami Dolphins, Garoppolo left the game in the second quarter due to a shoulder injury; he sprained his right AC joint.

Garoppolo was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft and plays as backup quarterback for Brady. However, because Brady was suspended the first four games of the season due to the “Deflategate” situation, Belichick planned for Garoppolo to be starting quarterback for those first four games.

Because of Garoppolo’s injury, third-string quarterback Jacob Brissett stepped in and led the Patriots in a 27 – 0 win for their third game of the season against the Houston Texans. Mr. Williams believes Garoppolo will be back for the fourth game of the season.

In terms of Garoppolo’s future, Mr. Williams believes that he will finish the year with the Patriots. But after the season, he thinks Garoppolo will be traded onto a team that is in desperate need for a quarterback.

In terms of Belichick, Mr. Williams said he thinks Belichick would want Garoppolo to wait out for Brady to retire, but Brady has plans to play for a lot longer and Belichick realizes it’s not realistic for Garoppolo to sit on the bench when he has shown that he is ready to play.

The next game is on Sunday, Oct. 2, against the Buffalo Bills.