How is the FHS Freshman Football Team Doing?

Nick Merolla, Writer

How is the Freshman high school football team doing?

David DeMello was  interviewed about the current status of the team and extra information. He is a defensive end, and is number 82.

The team is currently undefeated, and has only allowed one touchdown to be scored. Their current record as of Sept. 27, 2016 is 3-0. When asked about how well the team worked together, he replied that they work well together out on the field in games.

DeMello said that the team is doing pretty well so far.

DeMello was also asked some additional information about the football team, including who is their biggest rival. DeMello said it’s historically been King Philip Regional High School.

The freshman football team practices every day except for Sunday. The practices are two hours and 15 minutes long. DeMello said that the difficulty of the practices varies depending on what they do. They usually do drills, practice plays, and do conditioning at the end.

You can see the freshman team play on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016 as they face off against Oliver Ames. Good luck freshman team.