Didn’t Make High School Soccer?

Didn’t Make High School Soccer?

Sarah O'Donnell, Writer

Got cut from the high school soccer team? Don’t like a lot of competitiveness? Then the Franklin Masters Academy is the league for you. In the fall and spring, Franklin Youth Soccer Association, run by Bjorn Dragsbaek, has a Masters Academy league for 7-12 graders.

Franklin Academy league is run by Matt O’Keefe, who you can contact with any questions at Mattokeefe0605@gmail.com. The coaches for the Masters league are Brian O’Donnell, Mark Wakefield, and Mary Diehl.

About 20-35 kids sign up per season. Head coach, Brian O’Donnell, referred to as Coach O’Donnell, believes that more kids don’t sign up because lots of students don’t know about it and others are lost to travel and high school programs. The academy league has ended up as a coed league because not enough kids sign up to make two separate gendered teams.

Sign ups for the fall season are still open, on the Franklin Youth Soccer Association website, for $65 plus a $30 late fee. To sign up for spring season without having to pay for a late fee, sign ups need to be in by November 15, 2016, online. 

This season, a 7 v. 7 format is played during the games. The format is played because there are enough students to set up four teams, so students can play different teams each week, and each person gets more touches on the ball, according to Coach O’Donnell. In this league students do not play kids from other towns, they just play each other.

In this fall season, practices take place once a week on Wednesdays, where dribbling, passing, shooting, and field positioning are learned. They are from 7:45-9 p.m. at the Remington/Jefferson fields.

Games also take place once a week on Saturdays at Remington/Jefferson. The games start at 9 a.m., but the coaches like players to be there by 8:45 to warm up.

Coach O’Donnell requires everyone to play goalie and each position at least once, so that people get a feel for what each is like. If you are bad at a certain position you can ask not to play it after you’ve done it once.

To be allowed to play, shin pads, soccer cleats, long socks, a size five ball (coaches have extras), and a uniform are required. All of the equipment can be purchased at the Franklin Youth Soccer Association store, located at 256 Cottage Street in Franklin, but if you aren’t able to get a uniform, you’ll be given a penny.

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