Franklin High School Student Wins First Race


Owen Palmieri, Writer

Dylan Pare, upcoming superstar freshman at the Franklin High School, wins the first JV cross country meet.

Pare is a first year runner at FHS, coming into his freshmen year knowing very little about cross country. He showed off his athletic ability and running skills at the first meet, which took place Tuesday, September 13th, at Dacey Field in Franklin.

Cross country had a few scrimmages, but this was their first official race. Pare won the the race in 9:57, beating the close-up runner by a few meters and blowing out the rest of the 130 competitors.

Standing at about 5’4’’, 120 lbs, Dylan has never ran cross country before this year. He has been playing soccer for the past few years, but decided to join cross country rather than continuing with the sport. He stated that one of the reasons he decided to join cross country was because running was one of his strong points in soccer.

Pare said that someone he looks up to within the program is Nicky Gnaman, a Captain on Varsity and the Class President of the senior class. Dylan hopes to improve throughout the season as he receives more training and practice.

Cross country practices five days a week, for about two hours, where they run around three miles or more nearby the school. Their varsity and JV schedule of upcoming meets can be found on the Franklin High School website, if interested.