The Competition Between Homework and Sports

The Competition Between Homework and Sports

Rosalyn Smith, Writer

Soccer, soccer and more soccer! Are you looking to join a sports team and ever wondered what it’s like to be on a team and have a homework load? Here is a look into the busy life of two freshman soccer players, Maddie Lussier and Trevor O’Neil.

Trevor and Maddie say that on a good night their homework ranges from one to two hours. Being on a sports team, it’s an essential to have good time management skills. But even so, players find themselves up late at night trying to finish their homework.

Maddie says that she tries to get as much homework done in directed study as possible so she doesn’t have as much at home, but with her busy schedule she still gets only six and a half hours of sleep at most each night. Trevor on the other hand, says he gets almost all his homework done in directed study and if not, he finishes it immediately when he gets home, leaving him a healthy eight hours of sleep per night.

Both players agree that they are glad they joined their teams, but at times can regret it under stress. Maddie states that it is hard for her to be on the team sometimes because of her numberless hours of dance. It’s hard playing two sports sometimes when things get stressful at school.

Trevor agrees with Maddie but also says that sometimes he and his teammates get on each other’s nerves when they should be working together. Although both players have tough times occasionally, they admit that they can’t imagine life without playing soccer because the two of them have been playing since a young age.

Overall,  both players agree joining the team was a good idea, and it’s all worth it in the end. It sometimes can be tiring and stressful, and may make you think about quitting, but stepping on the field makes it all worthwhile