Gronk is Back

Jami Pandiscio, Writer

Robert Gronkowski is making his recovery back from a hamstring injury.

Gronkowski contributed to the New England Patriots’ 35 – 17 win against the Cincinnati Bengals with seven reception passes, 162 yards, and a touchdown, his first of the season. He contributed to the Patriot’s 33 – 13 win against the Cleveland Browns with five reception passes and 109 yards.

Basketball Coach, Lacrosse Coach, and Franklin High School Health Teacher, Mr. Masto, said: “I think he was fantastic. He’s got a unique ability to draw so much attention that opens so much for receivers when he is healthy. His impact on the game was so much more than his numbers showed.”

Baseball Coach and Franklin High School Health Teacher, Mr. McLaughlin, said: “He is one the the best tight ends to ever play the game.”

Gronkowski returned to the field the same game Tom Brady returned from his four-game suspension. Mr. Masto and Mr. McLaughlin both believe that Brady’s return to the field has helped Gronkowski immensely.

Gronkowski injured his hamstring during a preseason practice. He was inactive during the first two games of the season. He was active for the next two games, with only one catch for 11 yards.

Gronkowski was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft. He plays as starting tight end on the team.

As an overall football player, Mr. Masto and Mr. McLaughlin both think that Gronkowski is a great team player.

“I think his positive high energy becomes contagious with the rest of the team,” said Mr. McLaughlin.  

“He leads by action rather than what he says. We play at a level above and beyond with him on the field,” said Mr. Masto.

The Patriots’ next game is on Sunday, Oct. 23, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

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