Retiring a Legend

Kristen Smith, Writer

David Ortiz, known to many as Big Papi, retired after his 2016 Major League Baseball season.

After a long career filled with commitment, Ortiz is saying goodbye to professional baseball at age 40. Ortiz announced his retirement prior to the now ended 2016 season.

Samhita Modak, a freshman at FHS, says: ¨I think David Ortiz had a very good career, he was known by many as legendary.¨

According to FHS students, the Red Sox team will deeply be affected by this loss as well as the fans. This is due to the fact that he had one of his best hitting seasons just this past year, and he still has the ability to show off his talents another season.

Catherine Grace, a freshman, thinks that Ortiz has been playing a while, and is happy Ortiz is making an individual decision to end his long career. She also believes along with many others, that his teammates will be happy for him as well, even though it is a sad loss.

Due to Ortiz’s retirement, the Red Sox decided to retire the number 34. This was announced pre-game at Fenway Park, during a special ceremony. They also announced they would be donating $500,000 to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.

According to some FHS students, the David Ortiz Children’s Fund is something they wish everyone knew about. A freshman who would like to go unnamed says: ¨I have heard of it before and think it’s wonderful Ortiz is doing something great for the community and kids who need help.¨