Brady Has Returned

Nick Merolla, Writer

After four long games, Tom Brady is finally back.

Sunday, Oct. 9 was Brady’s first game back in the 2016 football season. He received a four game suspension from the famous deflate gate scandal that rocked the NFL two years ago.

During his first game back on the field he completed 70% of his throws, threw 406 yards, completed three touchdown passes, and threw no interceptions. He gained 10.15 yards per play, and his longest pass was 63 yards.

For Brady’s first game back, he had a quarterback rating of 96.6, and a player rating of 127.7. He was also named AFC offensive player of the week.

“I think Tom Brady excelled in performance coming back from his four game suspension. He threw over 400 yards, and was named AFC offensive player of the week,” said Owen Palmieri, a freshman at Franklin High School, who was at the Patriots football game on Sunday, Oct. 16. Palmieri said that Tom Brady really doesn’t need to improve at all after watching him play.

The Patriots played the Cleveland Browns for their fifth game in the season, and won. Brady also recently led the team to victory on Oct. 16 beating the Cincinnati Bengals.

You can find more of Tom Brady’s stats here: