Need to Get Bigger?

Need to Get Bigger?

Ryan Graci, Writer

Powerlifting. A way to get bigger without the running. You do the same thing as offseason but without the running. You get a different work out and have to participate in the competition. Yes you can still do offseason because powerlifting is only Tuesday and Fridays after school at 2:20. The Supervisor and coach, is our strength coach, Liane Blyn. The club begins in December and ends in April.

Powerlifting is a club so you do have to pay a fee, as well as for the competition you will be competing in. The competitions are Saturdays and usually take all morning and some of your afternoon. Sometimes there will be a one or two on a Sunday.

There are 3 MA high school meets planned this year: January @St.Johns, February (location tbd), March @Xaverian. Those that hit qualifying totals have the opportunity to compete at high school nationals this year in Scranton, PA in April,” Mrs. Blyn says. 

There is a JV and Varsity. But it goes by age group so Freshman and Sophomores are JV while Juniors and Seniors are Varsity. There are Captains, and they will be chosen when the meeting comes around in December.

Many people believe powerlifting is for football players only because they need to get bigger and stronger, when really that’s not the case. In the 2015-2016 season there was a soccer player who did powerlifting. He won in one of the first meets and after placed pretty well among lifters in the following competition he competed in.

So really anyone can join. Powerlifting isn’t designed for a certain sport, it’s designed for those who want to compete in lifting, as well as getting bigger for sports.