The Offseason

The Offseason

Rosalyn Smith, Writer

As winter is approaching and fall is ending, we say goodbye to our beloved fall sports. Freshman student athletes Breanna Atwood, and Olivia Curreri give us an insider look into what off season is like for a fall sport competitor.

We see their skills on the field, but what goes into the making of a great player and teammate? The JV soccer goalie and the freshman field hockey player agree that practice does in fact make perfect. Tryouts were brutal this year, coaches seat out to find the best player, teammate, and student.

But these girls were ready for whatever was about to be thrown at them. When asked what they did to prepare, both girls said that they were working on their skills at home, and also on a club or summer league.

“I do a year round club team called ‘allegiance’.” Curreri states.

Athletes make it look so effortless when they step out on the field. But it’s easy to wonder how do they keep playing everyday? Even when they’d rather be anywhere else in the world. Playing a sport it’s easy to get mentally exhausted after a while, practice or games daily, can be draining. Especially when that 5 paragraph essay thats due tomorrow is sitting at home.

Even so, the players never seize to impress us, always giving their best effort. When challenged to answer the question “How do you do it?” Atwood answered, “I know I have to stick with my team, and although I may not want to go, I have to be a part of the team and help my team get better as a whole.”

Similar to the question “How do you have the perseverance to keep playing” mostly in every aspect of life you have someone who inspires you. Which of course applies to sports. “There isn’t one specific person,” Curreri says. “I am inspired to do as good as my teammates and be the best I can be.”

Atwood had a specific person in mind, the previous varsity goalie, who graduated last spring.

“Dani Lonati- she’s my inspiration because she deals with so much and she’s still a great goalie, and I want to be able to play like her. She also gives back to the community a lot,” Atwood states confidently.

Even when it gets hard, and stressful, these athletes remind themselves to never give up, to always try their hardest, and with their positive mindset, we know they will finish the season strong!