High School Sports: Pros and Cons

Samhita Modak, Writer

It’s an easy way to make friends and keep physically healthy. These are just two of the many pros of sports in high school. On the other hand, things like injury and stress are negatives.

When asked, FHS students (sports fanatics or not) were able to name pros and cons of competitive high school sports. However, some have different opinions.

“It’s keeps me from sitting around and doing nothing. It feels healthier for me,” remarks Kristen Smith, freshman at Franklin High.

She, like many others favor sports in high school. Students mention pros such as the fact that so many of their friends came from the sports they play. Qualities like leadership, the ability to work with all kinds of people, and a positive mindset are all more positive attributes of playing sports in highschool, according to FHS sports lovers.

Senior Sean Buckley mentions a con: “Kids that are on varsity get home really late. There’s a lot more time to do homework without sports.”

Many FHS students agree with him, and can think of more negatives. Injury and being over pressured by coaches, fellow athletes and parents can lead to lots of stress. Many mention that when the focus of sports is only winning, the game becomes more painful than fun.

Overall, there are many different pros and cons to sports in high school. These negatives and positives differ for everyone. They depend on the sport, the person, and the atmosphere. Next time FHS students choose whether or not to play a sport, they have a lot of pros and cons to think about.