Clark’s Corner 9/27

Joe Clark, Sports Editor

There’s been no shortage of news in sports the last few days, with none bigger than four high major college basketball assistants getting arrested for corruption. That and more below:


-This should probably get its own article, but on Tuesday morning the FBI arrested four high-major college basketball assistants for corruption: Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State (investigated at South Carolina), Tony Bland of USC, Chuck Person of Auburn (More on Person here), and Book Richardson of Arizona. In addition, shoe company reps (real shocker there), and agents (Even bigger shocker, agents have NEVER done anything illicit involving college athletes) were also arrested in the sting. The biggest news that may have come out of this though, is that the University of Louisville allegedly paid five-star recruit Brian Bowen and his family $100,000 through Adidas in order to attend the school. Not only did they pay him to attend the school, they did it right before their sanctions got announced for another recruiting-related scandal. Then, just over a month later, they had an agreement in place for a similar arrangement with a 2019 recruit. At this point though, the sanctions had been announced and Louisville was on probation. I can’t get over the lunacy of this thing. Louisville, newly on probation, casually tries to pay a recruit again, while mentioning about how they just have to be more careful this time. Needless to say, this spells the end for Rick Pitino who might as well be an escape artist with how he’s managed to avoid getting fired despite being involved with multiple scandals at UofL. Miami is likely to be implicated in all this as well, and Arizona was also found to have paid Jahvon Quinerly, the #3 PG recruit in the class of 2018, which could spell the end for Sean Miller at Arizona. Needless to say, this whole thing is very far from over.

-Throughout this weekend’s slate of NFL games, numerous NFL players and teams protested during the National Anthem in light of recent comments made by President Donald Trump. You can take a look at each team’s protest here.

-You may or may not agree with what he has to say, but Peter King wrote a good piece on the protests in his weekly MMQB column, including a section on Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft’s relationship with Trump. You can read that here.

-We’re less than a week away from playoff baseball. First pitch of the AL Wild Card Game is Tuesday night on ESPN in a game that will likely be between the Twins and the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

-On Thursday night, the FHS football team will attempt to avenge their controversial loss to Mansfield when they take on Oliver Ames @OA. Franklin lost 14-13 to the Hornets last Friday night in a game where the Panthers had a touchdown taken off the board due to a taunting call when a Franklin player put the ball above his head before entering the end zone on a play that would’ve given Franklin a 13-7 lead. I don’t think the call should’ve been made, but unfortunately, it was the correct call given the rule, but with the NFL loosening their touchdown celebrations it should be time for high schools to do the same. In no way, shape, or form is raising the ball above your head in celebration taunting. It’s time to change the rule. It would be a real shame if that call was made in a state championship game. Regardless, I think Franklin should take the game against OA. My prediction: Franklin 28, OA 12.


We’ll be back on Friday with more.