Interview with Vincent DiFilippo 2: Coach Mello


Vincent DiFilippo

Vincent: Hello everyone and welcome to Pantherbook! I am Vincent DiFilippo here with the second interview with soccer Coach Mello.

Mello: Hello

Vincent: Alright, let’s get right into it with the first question. I noticed that you take practices more seriously than the Girls soccer coach. Why is that?

Mello: We all have different coaching styles, so one team might take things more seriously, while the other might not. All in all, we coach differently but end up with the same results.

Vincent: Alright, second question. What is your team’s greatest strength?

Mello: We work really well as a team

Vincent: Weakness?

Mello: We are still trying to find out who we are as a team.

Vincent: Third question. What is your greatest goal for the season?

Mello: Our greatest goal is to develop the player’s skills so they are ready to move on to higher places in soccer.

Vincent: What is your greatest challenge?

Mello: To define each player’s uniqueness and their impact for the team

Vincent: What do you think is the greatest difference between girls and boys soccer?

Mello: There isn’t much difference between the two. It all just depends on the coach and the team

Vincent: Last question. If you switched teams with the girl’s soccer coach, what would you do differently?

Mello: I wouldn’t do anything differently, all coaches share the same philosophy of making kids better at the sport.

Vincent: Thank you for your time. I’m Vincent DiFilippo, and I will see you all later.