Varsity Girls Soccer: The Main Goal

Varsity Girls Soccer: The Main Goal

Emily Vinson

Varsity Girls Soccer is off to a solid start, with an almost perfect winning streak.


One of the most exciting games, according to sophomore varsity player Anna Balkus, was the game against Foxboro, played at the New Turf in Franklin. A goal was scored at the end of the game in the last five minutes by junior Calen Frongillo. A spectator, sophomore Kayla Palmer, described the game as fantastic and exciting.


Including this win against Foxboro, Franklin has a record of 6-1-1 so far, although the tie was a non-league game against Algonquin.


The team is gearing up to play against a big rival, King Philip, on Oct. 2 at home. Led by senior captains Molly Duncan and Cat Robbins, the team will be working hard at practice to get ready for the match-up. A normal practice, described by Balkus, a forward, usually starts with a warm-up and stretch, then includes different drills, practicing corner kicks and goal kicks, and shooting.


The team also puts in hard work when they are not on the field with their teammates. If the varsity team doesn’t have a game, they are required to practice their foot skills at home.


When Balkus was asked if she thought her team could win the Hock this year, she thinks it is definitely possible, but it will be challenging and she and her team will have to work hard to make it happen. One of Balkus’ goals for the team is to improve their gameplay throughout the season by work on passing the ball more to get strong opportunities to score a goal and transitioning from defense to offense.


Keep an eye out for the Varsity Girls Soccer team; their season is off to a great start and there is still more to come.