New Freshmen Girls Soccer Coach

New Freshmen Girls Soccer Coach

Halle Goldsmith, Writer

This summer Franklin High opened its arms to a new Freshmen girls soccer coach.

Coach Klein took over the daunting responsibility of coaching the freshmen team. No one ever said that coaching nineteen girls was easy, but Coach Klein has enjoyed it thus far. As she said, that her experience coaching this team has been the most fun thing she has ever done in her professional life.

Klein had wanted to coach at the high school level for years, especially at Franklin High. She lives in Franklin and knows how much pride students have in their school and sports. She wanted to be a part of that and the town.

When the coaching job opened up she just had to apply. Immediately after her interview, she was offered the job as the freshmen coach she changed her entire work schedule just to be here.

She had always had a passion for soccer, seeing as she played four years of varsity soccer and continued to play division one soccer at Stony Brook University. Klein also coached youth soccer from U6 through U16 and was a private consultant team trainer online, so she is well versed in the ways of coaching.

That being said, there are many ups and downs to coaching, according to Klein. One of the best parts of coaching is the way she can impact the experience the girls have. Also, she loves watching the girls improve and succeed as players. The way the team bonds and grows closer together the season is another thing she really enjoys about coaching. Even with all these positive things about coaching, there are still negative aspects to her job. She dislikes disciplining players and watching girls with potential not flourish.

With the majority of the season ahead of them, the coach is hopeful and excited to teach and help her team grow.