Annual “Juggleathon” to Bring In Soccer Funds

Annual “Juggleathon” to Bring In Soccer Funds

Aislinn Lavery, Writer

The Franklin Panthers soccer teams held a “Juggleathon” as a fundraiser for the soccer program.

In a Juggleathon, the players raise money based on how many juggles or bounces they can do on their feet and knees before they lose control of the soccer ball and let it hit the ground.

Freshman soccer player Kelly Moussa reported that the players had to collect sponsors, who could pledge money per juggle or agree to pay a flat fee to the player no matter how many juggles the player did.

The fundraiser was program-wide, so all high school players were expected to participate.

The purpose of the Juggleathon this year, said Moussa, was to recover some funds after the soccer boosters bought new uniforms for the girl’s freshman and JV players this year.

Each soccer team did the fundraiser individually at their practices on the high school fields.

According to freshman Anna Norton, a JV player, each session of the fundraiser took place on Thursday, Sept. 27 for the girls, and a week earlier for the boys.

Moussa, along with many players on her team, felt nervous about the upcoming fundraiser and worried about failing to complete enough juggles to collect the required fifty dollars.

Norton echoed that sentiment and expressed that many players felt overwhelmed with the fundraising efforts of the soccer team, as they were tagging simultaneously to holding the Juggleathon.

It’s a good thing the players are all as good at juggling their many responsibilities as they are at juggling a soccer ball!