eSports are Coming to Franklin High!

eSports are Coming to Franklin High!

Catherine Smith, Writer

Are you interested in advancing your gaming skills, a Wii fanatic, or have you never touched a controller in your life but secretly want to? If any of the above apply to you, then you’ll be excited to know that eSports are coming to Franklin!

Massachusetts has issued an announcement that it is accepting eSports as an official varsity sport. King Philip Regional High School has already instituted this program, and now Franklin will too.

PlayVS will be used as the gaming site, and this year’s game is League of Legends, and you’d better be ready because the season is starting soon!

Principal Peri said: “I’d like to hold an informational meeting end of this week or early next week…The season starts October 30.”

This program isn’t going to be simple, however. There are strict rules and regulations. There will be practice after school twice a week in a computer room and, of course, playing at home.

Tournaments will be played with gamers in groups of five, with one team being the varsity level and each team playing an equal group from another school in the area.

“I think that would be cool, to see what comes out of it…I know some people who might be interested,” said Meenakshi Meyyappan, who works at the Panther Tech Desk.

Technological jobs are taking over, and many think programs like eSports are the perfect way to prepare current high school and middle school students for them. Over 200 colleges and universities across the country offer up to 10 million dollars in scholarships for eSports because of the STEM connections they build.

The costs for this program will be covered by the school district, and you can bring your own game controller if you have one. This program may be your path into MIT or professional eSports, and all you have to do is game!