Cross Country: This Year’s Goal

Cross Country: This Years Goal

Tarah Agati , Writer

Cross Country Star, Sarah Giuliano, describes Franklin High School’s upcoming Cross Country season to be extraordinary. Throughout this season, the goal is to break Personal Records that were set the previous year. To conquer this goal, the runners are putting hard work in every practice and meet.

Freshman year Giuliano decided to the join the Cross Country team because it is a group of insanely supportive and caring people who are always there for one another. In addition, positivity is spread throughout every practice and meet as a motivator to keep pushing through.

Incoming Cross Country runners this year are filled with potential, as well as the older girl’s who are ready to dominate the competition. This season, opposing teams should look out for senior captains Brandi Osborne, Katrina Walbert, Julia Digiacomo, as well as sophomore Sydney Hawkins.

The Cross Country team meets every day at the school’s outdoor track at 2:30 p.m. All meets are held at various courses either after school or on weekends.