Red Sox Magical Season Marches On

Megan Torrey

The Red Sox have had an incredible postseason so far, beating the New York Yankees in the postseason for the first time since 2004 and facing the Houston Astros before having a chance to win the World Series for the 9th time in Sox history.

Since the Red Sox this season won 108 games (the most ever in franchise history), there’s an abundance of pressure for the Red Sox to succeed againstMajor League Baseball the Houston Astros. Defensively, the bullpen has had an impressive performance compared to past years. Junior Emily Vinson attended the home game against the Houston Astros on Sunday, October 14th when David Price helped the Red Sox win against their opponents 7-5. Emily was thankful for Price’s performance.

“I think he did pretty well. We all cheered for him when he came out of the game because we needed to win, and he gave us that chance”.

Even though Price did not display an impressive performance compared to some of his other appearances, the Red Sox bullpen was able to work together to earn a victory with the help of Brasier, Porcello, Barnes, and Kimbrel.

Offensively, some of the Red Sox players that have been successful at the plate are starting to have some trouble. During the regular season, right fielder Mookie Betts had an outstanding batting average of .346, making it the highest batting average in his career and making the Red Sox the best team in the AL East. However, so far in the postseason he seems to be struggling a bit at the plate.

“Mookie Betts is sick”, junior Gianna Cameron said. “Even though he may not be hitting as well as he usually does, he’s still a big aspect of the team. He will definitely bounce back”.

Sox fans aren’t worried, but other players have stepped up to the plate in the meantime to help the Red Sox achieve their goals. For Major League Baseball example, this past Sunday center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr cleared the bases with a 3-run double, putting the Red Sox in the lead against the Astros.

If the Red Sox win the 7 game series against the Astros, they will compete to win the World Series from October 23, 2018-October 31, 2018.

So, do you think they will win the World Series for the 9th time in franchise history? 

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