Upcoming Spring Sports

Jenny Maciel, Writer, Videographer

As the winter season continues on at Franklin High School, FHS students are in preparation for spring tryouts. Spring sports that are offered at FHS include: softball, baseball, boys and girls lacrosse, tennis, and track. Most tryouts occur at the end of March, and sometimes go into April.

Track is a popular option because it is a sport that does not require a tryout.

Tryouts can last as long as a week and sometimes go into the next week. Every sport is different and every coach is looking for different things in athletes. Coaches look for endurance, communication, dedication, effort, add most importantly, skill.

Gabby Colace, a sophomore at FHS, talks about her spring sport experiences. “I play softball at the High school. For me it is a really fun experience and I have met a lot of friends so far.”

She also adds: “Aside from playing the sport, I really like going to the other softball team games, because they get me and my teammates fired up.”

The student athlete talks about the practices at FHS. “Practices for any sport are almost everyday. My practices usually start at 2:30-2:45 and end around 5.”

“It may seem like a lot but they are really fun because it gives me time to spend time with my friends and do something I like.”

Sophomore, Lauren Cote, talks about what practices and tryouts are usually like for the spring.

“They are different for every sport, but for softball we usually work a lot of cardio, and then focus a lot on the skill.” Students often are very anxious and stressed about tryouts, which is why it is important to prepare for them in advance.

Cote also adds: “A good way to prepare for any sports tryouts is to attend the captain’s practices. They give people a really good idea of what tryouts are like, and they have even made me feel less stressed about them.”

She mentions what spring games are like in the spring. “I think they are really fun because instead of being inside, like winter sports, it gives us a chance to get outside.” Cote added: “People get really into the games which makes them even more fun!”

If you don’t want to play a sport in the spring, but you’re looking for something fun to do, going to home games and cheering on your friends is always fun!

If you want to look into FHS sports, check out the athletic department for more information about the staff and sports options.