What to Know about Super Bowl LIII

Elizabeth Clark, Writer

Next weekend is an exciting weekend for all sports fans, and even a fun weekend for people who haven’t watched an NFL game all year: Super Bowl LIII. In Franklin, it is especially exciting, as the majority of the town are Patriots fans, and once more get to watch their team in the biggest game of the season. Below, I analyzed all aspects of the Super Bowl, from the commercials to the roaring defense of the Rams.

The Actual Game: My prediction is that the Rams will win in a close game, but the Patriots will put up a good fight. Yes, the Patriots have more experience in the Super Bowl, but that only means that the Rams will be hungry to beat them, as they have more at stake. The Rams defense has proven to be one of the best in the NFL, and I don’t believe Tom Brady will be to do enough to beat their defense which has been among the NFL’s best all year. With that said, the Patriots have an incredibly explosive offense, which will make it a stressful, close game

My score prediction is 30-24 Rams

The Food:

  • Buffalo chicken (wings, tenders, dip, any form)
  • Mac and cheese
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Pizza

Want Recipes? Click here for Food Network’s list

What are you most excited for in watching the Superbowl?”

From a Pats fan, “I’m excited to see Tom Brady lead the Patriots into their 6th Super Bowl ring to once again prove that he is the GOAT. The Brady and Belichick Era isn’t over anytime soon”

From a non-Pats fan “I’m excited to watch the Rams put up a good fight and hopefully beat the Pats”

The Commercials & Halftime Show:

  • For a large group of viewers watching the Super Bowl, their highlights are the unique commercials and the halftime performer. There are expected to be top commercials from Avocados from Mexico, Bubbly (seltzer), Colgate, Doritos, and many more
  • Maroon 5 is the headline halftime performer, accompanied by Travis Scott and Big Boi.

Fun Facts

  • Halftime show performers do not get paid, and their shows can often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • The average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial is $4 million
  • The Patriots have been in 11 Super Bowls and won 5
  • The Rams have just 3 Super Bowl appearances and one victory

The Big Picture?

The Patriots started their dynasty during Brady’s second season by beating the then St LouisRams in the Super Bowl for the Patriots’ first Super Bowl title…. the Rams are looking to start their dynasty by beating the Patriots for their second Super Bowl title.