Franklin Girl’s Varsity Hockey Takes Home the Trophy

Lauren Ballinger, Writer

A month ago, on February 9th, Girl’s Varsity Ice Hockey won the Hockomock Championship for the first time in FHS history.

The game against Stoughton that guaranteed the title was a show of both true sportsmanship and skill. Maryann McCahill, a senior on the team, attributes the team’s victory to puck movement, proper use of time and space, and clean breakouts. Every member of the team was able to participate in the game, which McCahill felt added to the overall excitement, as it was a team effort, and everyone walked away feeling the accomplishment of the win.

Despite the team’s undefeated record, this specific game was still critical in winning the Hockomock title. If Franklin had lost, there was still the possibility of other teams catching up to the girls’ seasonal record.

With the success of last year in mind, Girl’s Varsity Hockey spent this most recent season dedicating their practice time to improving their technical and communication skills. The team practiced almost every day of the week for the three months preceding the Hockomock Championships. McCahill emphasized that this was a talented team of girls who were extremely dedicated to the success of the team this season.

After the team’s triumph last month, they have traveled to a multitude of other games around Massachusetts in the hopes to continue advancing within the league. Currently, Franklin Girl’s Varsity Ice Hockey is at the farthest point in the season that Franklin Girl’s Hockey has ever been.