2019 Softball Tryouts Have Arrived

2019 Softball Tryouts Have Arrived

Elise Ravech

As many of you know Franklin High School is very competitive with sports, and softball season is fast approaching. In the article below Senior captain gives crucial details about the upcoming tryouts.

Captain, Tara Hartnett, explains tryouts have to be scheduled for the third Monday in March. She clarifies that tryouts will be generally held in the gym, as the winter weather truly is unpredictable.

Tryout sessions will generally last the whole week, each day a new practice or skill being evaluated. The first day, players should expect the miracle mile.

During the miracle mile, athletes will be pushed to their max, running a mile along with a variety of exercises in between. The next few days will be more focused on the basics of softball.

Each day will have a new drill with a specific purpose. Hartnett points out that these drills will help to define players, and which team would be the best fit for them. She says the teams are usually formed by the third day.

Tryouts, however, might continue for players who might have the opportunity to move up to a higher team.

When talking about how girls should be preparing, she discloses that players looking to try out out should continue going to captains practices and continuously improving their skills at home.

In conclusion, girls looking to try out for Franklin’s softball team should be pushing themselves to the max with tryouts approaching in the blink of an eye. Tryouts are set for March 18. Players interested in trying out should continuously check twitter for an update for the exact time and location.