Panthers Hockey 2019

Panthers Hockey 2019

Olivia Potts

As the boy’s hockey season comes to a close, they finish trong. Leading up to the finals, the Franklin boys win 1-0 against Falmouth in the first round of the Division 1 South- 2019 MIAA Tournament. Next up, the Quarter Finals, Franklin wins again while playing Mansfield at the Gallo Arena in Cape Cod, leading 3-2 with overtime.

The game following puts Franklin on the boards again, taking home another win in the Semi Finals against CM, ending with the score 5-2. This was the most thrilling game of all. Goals from 5 of the Panthers is incredible, and the goal with an open net got the crowd loud and alive, giving the power to the Panthers to finish strong.

Unfortunately at Finals the Panthers finished their season there. Duxbury continued on. The Franklin Panthers not only put forth all their effort but their best team effort as one.

Senior Cameron Casella said: “Towards the end his team came in and left as one, and that really showed in our games.”

In addition, Senior Joey Lizotte also said: “It was a great experience to finish out this ride.”