Preparation for High School Sports

Liliana Duffy , Writer / Producer

Tess Bower started her softball career around the age of five with her dad in the dugout always there to support her. John Duffy has had baseball apart of his life since he was in kindergarten. Much like Drew Scotland, who has been playing soccer and basketball since kindergarten.

Duffy has played many sports throughout his life, but baseball is the sport he is swinging at full speed in order to make a team his freshman year. Although his time to try out is still three years away many people begin to prepare for the long road ahead to make a team for Franklin High School.

Duffy examines his weekly practice schedule as he is a participant of three baseball teams. Which can allow him to gain more and more practice.

This is much like an upcoming sixth grader. Who plays on two basketball teams, and two soccer teams at the same time. Drew Scotland has started his preparation for high school sports at a very young age, with over 4 games every weekend. Scotland still has another four years before his tryouts will take place, yet he is putting all the work and effort needed in order to make the team.

Bower has been playing softball forever. As here pitch and batting skills improve with every swing of her arm. Bower is looking to try out for cross country and softball in the upcoming school year. When asked why she chose to play these sports in high school, she simply replied “I love to run, it’s very peaceful! And I’ve played softball forever, it’s my favorite sport!”

Bower expresses how much her family, friends, teammates, and competition influence how she plays, and how it affects her game. When playing with or against a strong player “ It allows me to work harder, so I can become better.”

As Bower prepares for the fast-approaching seasons by going on different runs and having weekly softball practices throughout the year. Right now she is playing on two different softball teams, allowing her to get pumped up for the future seasons ahead!