Could The Patriots Go 16-0 – Again?

Connor Brown, Writer

This year’s New England Patriots team is looking to do something not seen since 2007.  With an explosive offense and a lock-down defense, they are looking to be 16-0 again, as they last were in 2007, only to lose to the Giants in the Superbowl.

This year they have a weak schedule, playing 11 teams that were under .500 last year and many of those teams look like they will do the same this year. Also, only three of the five teams above .500 won 10 or more games last year. 

This year they have the solid defense they haven’t had in years. There are no standout players like Brady on offense, but there are good players all round to make a defense that could be one of the premier defenses in the league. A reliable defense has been one thing the Patriots have lacked. This is one of the main reasons they lost Superbowl Lll against the Eagles, even with Brady throwing over 500 yards and three touchdowns. 

When asked if the Patriots could go 16-0, Espn’s Patriots reporter Mike Reiss said: “Going 16-0 was going to be a difficult task even if Antonio Brown was on the Patriots’ roster. Without him, it becomes that much tougher.”

He also said: “The Patriots still have a lot of talent, and remain one of the NFL’s better teams, but they are naturally not as strong as they would have been with Brown on the field. So the odds of going 16-0 – which were already long – become that much longer.” 

So with four wins already under their belt, it is up to the Patriots whether they can go down in history-again.