Rob Gronkowski’s Life Outside of Football


Luke Paragona, Writer

Every Sunday we’re watching the New England Patriots but what is Gronkowski up to now that he out of football. Former patriot all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowski who played nine seasons retired from football in March 2019.

Rob Gronkowski even released that the decision to quit football was based on the hit to his quad which he said was brutal and that it was the icing on the cake. He even said that night, after the football game victory vs the LA Rams in the Superbowl, he was crying in pain.  

Now the 30-year-old former tight end has a lot of more time with football out of his schedule. And recently Rob Gronkowski partnered with CBD to help people like him who suffer bad pain to be able to relieve pain. Since his whole career, he has been hit and beaten up. 

Another thing that Gronkowski told reporters was that he never even spent a dime of his Patriot money. Gronkowski told us in his “Its Good to Be Gronk,” which is a book from 2015, that he used all his endorsement money to live on. His reasoning was because you don’t know how long you’re going to be able to play.

Lots of Patriots fans wish him the best of luck in his future. While big Patriot fans still wonder: is this the real end of Rob Gronkowski or will the 6-6, 265lb former tight end be seen again wearing a Patriot uniform?