Antonio Brown Announces He’s Retiring from the NFL

John O'Brien, Writer

Superstar NFL player Antonio Brown is now cut from the Patriots, tweeting out he’s retiring from the NFL.

Brown, a superstar player in the NFL, says in a tweet he is not going to be playing in the NFL anymore. After being with the Patriots for only 11 days and one game, the franchise had released him, mainly for his recent sexual assault allegations.

Just before the Patriots signed Brown, he was just released by the Oakland Raiders. Before he was on the Raiders, he was traded to Oakland from the Pittsburgh Steelers because of team issues which lead to him requesting a trade.

He was released by the Raiders for many different issues, leading to the controversy around him. Some of these include Brown refusing to switch to a new helmet module after his old module was banned. He yelled and threatened to punch Oaklands General Manager Mike Maycock in front of his teammates, and called Maycock a racial epithet.

Soon after signing with the Patriots, Brown was accused of sexual assault from one of his old female trainers. This was the main factor for the Patriots’ decision to release Antonio Brown. 

After all of these events, Antonio Brown, extremely unhappy and frustrated with how NFL teams have handled him, stated on his Twitter account that he will not be playing in the NFL anymore. 

Brain Debaggis, a student at Franklin High School, says Antonio Brown is a really good player but causes too many problems for the teams he is on. Brian believes that the Patriots were right to release Antonio Brown after only 11 days on the team because he was a problem.

In his tweet, Brown says he is retiring because “owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at any time.”

Brian thinks owners should be able to cancel deals and do what they want because “if players are causing problems within a team then they should be able to cancel deals to help the team.”

As of right now, the idea of Brown being on an NFL roster is more questionable than ever.