Are you going to play sports in college? Well you have the possibility of making money.

Chris Drake, Writer

California and New York senators are trying to put the Fair Pay to Play Act into play. This would allow college players to earn money from their names, endorsements, and images.

This is supposed to go in play for California on January 1 2023, according to ESPN. New York is trying to be the first state to force college athletes to get paid. Many other states are close to voting on this act as well. These states include South Carolina, Maryland, Colorado, Washington and North Carolina says ESPN.

While this might seem great, Franklin High School Freshman Justin Alexander does not agree. When asked his thoughts on college athletes getting paid he said he thought it was bad because it will make every other state non-competitive. That’s because someone will go somewhere that they want to get paid. These states see the skill, talent, and hard work that these athletes are putting in. 

Who knows where this will take us in the future. The NCAA may start letting all athletes get paid so it stays competitive; or some states won’t be as good because they won’t get the kids that want to get paid.