Former Weymouth Hockey Coach Is Now The Head Coach of The Varsity Hockey Team

Former Weymouth Hockey Coach Is Now The Head Coach of The Varsity Hockey Team

Liam O'Rielly, Writer

Anthony Sarno will be the new coach of the Franklin High School varsity hockey team for the 2019-2020 season starting in December. Coach Sarno has had previous hockey coaching experience in Weymouth for well over 20 years. Coach Sarno will bring with him his passion for loving the game of ice hockey, said Tom Angelo, FHS Athletic Director.

Previous hockey coach and policeman Chris Spillane retired after the 2018-2019 season, leaving a gaping hole in the team’s staff. To determine a new coach, an 8-member committee consisting of Franklin High School coaches, parents, administrators, and booster members conducted interviews of possible candidates for the new head coach position over the summer. According to Mr. Angelo, the final round was decided by Paul Peri, Bill Klements and himself.

Coach Sarnos’ coaching and team philosophies resonated with many of the committee members. His intentions of the team perfectly aligned with the vision that Franklin High School has for its student-athletes, Mr. Angelo added. Coach Anthony Sarno fully supports the district’s educational values and the Athletic Departments’ involvement in community service activities and hopes to pursue good deeds for the town.

A “meet-the-coach” night took place on Tuesday, Sep 17, for the players, families, and coaching staff to get familiar with one another before the season is underway.