Franklin’s Unified Troop Night!


Franklin Unified and FHS Admin together at the end of their game!

Elise Ravech, Writer

I’m sure many of you saw the tweets and posters around school about Franklin’s Unified Basketball Troop Night! It was a night of fun and excitement. The Basketball team played the Franklin Police Department, the Franklin Fire Department, and the one and only Franklin Administration! It was a night of donations for our Troops, and many three pointers made from all teams involved!

The first game was Franklin Unified vs. the Franklin Fire Department, this game included Nick hitting two three pointers! Franklin Unified won with the final score being 31-8!

Next up was Franklin Unified vs. Franklin’s Admin, this including Tay hitting some key shots and Sarah cheering for Mr. Perri even though he was on the opposing team! Mr. Perri did however make some perfect three pointers. The final score of this game being 40-18, Franklin Unified for the win again!

Finally the night ended with Franklin Unified vs the Franklin Police Department, a special appearance was made by Ben Franklin himself! The final scoreĀ  being the closest of the three , being 28-14.

All in all, it was a very successful night as tons of donations were made for our troops, and the fact that Unified Basketball went 3-0! Huge congratulations to them, and a big thanks to everyone who participated, donated, and even watched the game!