NFL Coach Jay Gruden Has Been Fired

John O'Brien, Writer

Jay Gruden, the former coach of an NFL team, the Washington Redskins, gets fired after an 0-5 start with the team.

Gruden, who was the head coach for the franchise for six years, was fired after a slow start to the season. During his time with the team, he only had two winning seasons and an overall record of 35-49-1. 

Although Gruden did not have the most wins with the team, he did not have a lot of star players to work with.

Connor Brown, a freshman student from Franklin High School, says: “I thought that he was an ok coach, but the General Manager and higher-level people [of the Franchise] messed it up by drafting Dwayne Haskins and not giving him good players to work with.”

On October 7, the day the Redskins fired Gruden, he was called into his office at five a.m. in the morning. When he arrived, he was fired. 

Mr. Masto, a teacher at Franklin High School, believes him being fired so early in the morning is not the point.

Mr. Masto said: “I think the 5 am is irrelevant. Outside work he is probably already there because it is a high profile job.”

Mr. Masto also believes that they could have done a better job managing the team and the players on it.

“Any coach would take responsibility for losing,” said Mr. Masto. But the Redskins didn’t manage the team very well. I think the organization is run by a person who likes to control everything.

As of this date, Gruden is still unemployed.